Vanderbilt: going platinum

ESPN Gameday kicked things up a notch when it decided to head to Vanderbilt, because you know why everyone watches Gameday? No, not to see what lame prediction Corso makes or to watch a tearjerker feature about how Tim Tebow is the second coming. It’s for the signs. You know, like how people read Playboy for the articles.

So where better to get some smart, witty, creative signs than the SEC’s only top 25 school? A few of the signs got big play: “The geek shall inherit the turf,” “What’s worse? Auburns offense or the economy?” and “You’re blocking the library.”

Football Jesus lists some of the other greats, including my favorite penned by a friend of mine: “Hey Kirk, the SEC drew straws, It’s Vandy‚Äôs turn to beat Ohio State in a bowl game.”

You can vote for your favorite of five signs each week on the Gameday website. (You have to click the Gameday location on the map and then on “vote for top 5 signs.”)

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One Response to Vanderbilt: going platinum

  1. Lido Vizzutti says:

    My favorite sign I saw was, “Get a degree from Auburn and someone from Vandy will hire you.” I’ll have to go to the GD site and see what I missed though. – I received two points for that upset pick by the way.

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