Staying frugal for the holidays

I’m sure money is on your mind as you’re doing your holiday shopping this year. It’s hard not to think about it when there are constant reminders everywhere about the poor economy and job layoffs.

Britain’s FruGal (she’s obviously a modern gal) has some great tips on how to control spending during the most expensive time of the year. Seriously, these are worth a look see. Suggestions include making a list of who you’re buying for and what you’re getting (this is a tip that works for me year-round) and buying gifts only with cash.

Another way to limit the amount of money you’re spending is to make gifts. Aunt Martha has a few suggestions, including one that I really want to try, the homemade teacup candle.

I know not everyone is as crafty as Aunt Martha, but you don’t have to attempt a recreation of the Mona Lisa as a gift. You could handpaint a picture frame and insert a photo. You could make one of your edible specialties, put it in a fancy box and include the recipe. Real Simple has some edible gift suggestions that you can whip up quickly.

What are your suggestions for being frugal this season or making a homemade gift?

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3 Responses to Staying frugal for the holidays

  1. jacquelyn says:

    I have multiple preschool teachers to gift, so I have been taking advantage of the B&BW coupons where you get a free item with any purchase. I am also going to make a huge batch of peppermint bark to put in their gift bags.

    With my husband facing a layoff I have simply told family that we will do the best we can. I feel bad about it and it was somewhat embarrassing to feel like a miser but my mom was relieved.

    I have literally unsubscribed to the e-mail notes from a lot of stores. That way I am not tempted.

    Another thing one can do is take advantage of gift card promos. Several restaurants in my town are offering promotions where if you buy a certain amount of GC you get a certain amount on another one free—our local paper even had a whole spread listing all the incentives/deals. Costco has Starbucks gift cards at a reduced rate, and those are nice stocking stuffers.

  2. fishingaround says:

    I think I’m going to stuff everyone’s stockings with those sugarplums…

    Those teacup candles are so pretty.

  3. Angie says:

    dollar bin @ target, baby 🙂

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