What’s not to love about an inauguration?

Ok, I promise this is the last I’ll speak of the inauguration because I know many people are sick of hearing about it, but there’s so much cool stuff floating around there today.

Such as this cutout photo of Aretha’s hat that is allowing people to do things like this (see the comment section). I’ve been trying to make this work on The Modern Gal’s profile picture, but my MacBook isn’t complying. Mad props to anyone who can rectify this situation.

And then there’s the overwhelming cuteness factor of the Obamas’ dance at the inaugural ball. I mean, hello? Dancing to At Last? Sung by Beyonce. Can’t beat that.

And then how badly do you want to be Sasha and Malia right now? Answer: I can pass on the Jonas Brothers, but scavenger hunt in the White House? Yes, please.

There’s Joe Biden’s teeth, courtesy of Trident.

Also, this has got to be one of the coolest photo galleries I’ve seen today. It’s striking how engrossed the rest of the world was in what happened yesterday.

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6 Responses to What’s not to love about an inauguration?

  1. Bayjb says:

    I love Aretha’s bow. She is bad a** and rocked that hat. You go girl.

  2. em says:

    So knowing Aretha and her love of our home, I thought she would somehow give props to Detroit. And I just found out she definitely followed through…that hat is from Detroit! I thank Aretha for sending some love to an economy that is performing even worse than the rest of the word.


  3. The Modern Gal says:

    Which makes her THAT MUCH MORE AWESOME!

  4. Noelle says:

    I always wanted to be Chelsea Clinton’s older sister. It seemed lonely for her to be in the white house all alone. And yes, I would love to be those kids.

  5. Courtney says:

    The only way that dance could have been better is if Etta James herself had come out and sung it. Beyonce’s talented and all, but there’s no substitute for the original.

    Dude, scavenger hunt in the White House? Would. Be. Awesome.

  6. Allie says:

    If the Obamas want to adopt an almost 32 year old, I’m totally game.

    God, I love being so excited about our first family. They are just so fantastic. And, geez! He hit that ground running, didn’t he?

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