Public service announcement

Modern Friends, after several months of banging my head against the wall I’ve managed to tie down a slightly better domain name in and have located hosting space and have installed and all that great jazz that the rest of you figured out a long time ago. I’m in the process of attempting to migrate my blog over that way. Take that obnoxious comment spammers!

*Hopefully* you won’t notice a change in your RSS feeds, but if you do, I apologize in advance. I’m totally feeling my way through this as I go. I’ll try to make you aware when the deed has been done, but if you notice things seem wonky around here, check instead.

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4 Responses to Public service announcement

  1. Mickey says:

    Eventually I'm going to have Blogger to myself and my takeover will be complete.

  2. Noodles says:

    You are so fancy pants, my lady.

  3. The Modern Gal says:

    Well considering it took me about three months to get the domain name, transfer, hosting bit worked out, it could be months before this actually happens.

  4. Allison M. says:

    One of these days, I'm switching over to WordPress too.

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