Instant karma

I’m not going to keep whining about how frustrating life has been because I know no one wants to hear about it. Heck, I don’t want to hear about it anymore.

Instead I’m in the mood to direct some positive energy toward the universe. I’m in the mood to be good to my body by eating well and being physically active. I’m in the mood to see and talk with friends and possibly meet some new ones. I’m in the mood to save the Post Office from its demise.

I realize karma may not do anything to lessen my frustrations, but I do hope generating some positive vibes might at least make me feel better. I don’t have the time to put forth any major efforts, but I feel I can work some small actions into my crazy days.

I made a dinner of tomato pie last night in an effort to use up the tomatoes from the CSA that have been taking over our pantry of late, and eating quasi-unhealthy food rather than pure junk was a positive step for me. I started another beginning running program since the temperature has finally dropped a smidge. I think I’m going to do is take on some of the suggestions in the 30daysofgood challenge, though I probably won’t be following them day-by-day. I also think I’ll write a few letters on paper to be put in the actual mail, because I love writing letters. (If you want a letter, e-mail me your address).

What else? Anyone have any small but good for me/others/the universe activities I should take on in the coming days?

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4 Responses to Instant karma

  1. Noodles says:

    LETTER ME, dude! Also, I need you to inspire me with some running. I’m having a hard time getting out there and I am the dummy who signed up for a 15K in November. WHAT?!

  2. Vanessa says:

    I would LOVE a letter if you have time. Or a post card. A Christmas card for sure.

    About the Karma/Universe/Energy thing…one thing I do to stir up some good energy is this: the week before the new moon, I write a list of what I want to see manifest in my life. Sometimes its super simple like I want to take a longer walk with my dogs each day. Sometimes its a list: a new dish towel, fresh new perfume, creativity in my photography, phone call from a friend, money to pay off my credit card. Sometimes its very abstract like just feeling happier. I think the bigger idea (for me anyway) it that by writing down what I want, it gives it more power in my life and therefor is more likely to become part of my life.

  3. courtney says:

    Ooh, I like the 30 Days of Good thing! Maybe I’ll give that a shot.

    Exercising makes me feel good, but it sounds like you’ve got that covered. Maybe do one random nice thing for someone you don’t know? Like let an extra car into your line of traffic, or pay random compliments.

  4. I love how simply put and true this is:

    “I can work some small actions into my crazy days.”

    I also love how this post ties into the one I just wrote about “divine time.” It makes me think maybe we can shift the way we think about our 24-hour days—even if just a little.

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