Airing out my dirty dishes

Have you ever pined for your own home and/or dishwasher? Allow me to help you with that problem.

Here’s the thing about dishwashers that I’m sure all of you who have had one for an extended amount of time have discovered. Over time they get progressively worse at cleaning your dishes. This is true of many humans, but it’s troubling when your sole existence is based on the act of cleaning dishes. And you cost a lot of money. Perhaps it’s time to replace it, you might think to yourself.

No, it probably just needs a good cleaning.

But, you think to yourself, dishwashers shouldn’t be dirty! They’re cleaning machines, and therefore they are clean!

Have you ever looked at the bottom of your dishwasher? I mean really looked at it? Like around the edges and under the arm? I’ve found a handy photo from the internets to help you with this visualization.

and that’s just the edge

But, I’ll just hire someone to clean that for me!

Ok, make sure you budget for that monthly cleaning service** when you buy your home.

Irritated with how many dishes came out of the dishwasher this morning rather dirty, I impulsively began cleaning the dishwasher. I was rewarded with the discovery of layers upon layers of black sludge and a gummy, yellowish film in every nook and crevice of the door, the arm and the filter. And the sludge and gummy film don’t respond to just a rinse and wipe. These things require baking soda! And vinegar! And toothbrushes! And elbow grease! And fortitude!

I am a fairly domestic Modern Gal and not easily disgustable, and yet this was the most repulsive thing I’ve ever encountered. The Modern Love Machine was instantaneously cured of his lack of ambition to exercise and went for a 40-minute run.

But by God, my dishwasher is now clean enough to eat off. Which is kind of the idea, right?

On second thought, maybe it’s just easier to buy a new one each time it gets caked in sludge and gummy film.

**The smart people at Apartment Therapy have a dishwashing-cleaning primer. And they suggest you follow some form of it ONCE A MONTH!

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6 Responses to Airing out my dirty dishes

  1. Andrea says:

    Will you please come to my house and clean my dishwasher? I will give you booze. 😉

  2. GG says:

    If you get a new one, spend the extra ducats to get a Bosch. I never knew how a dishwasher was supposed to work until I got one.

  3. The Tutugirl says:

    I’m totally doing this to the dishwasher in my new place when I move in, lord knows what the previous tenant left. As for my current one, that’s the next guy’s problem! 😉

  4. Mel says:

    *groan* as if I needed something else to be OCD about in my house. :-/

  5. Jessica says:

    Yes I needed to read this. I love my dishwasher so much and I need to take better care of her.

  6. cmmoxley says:

    I really wish I had not read this! I have had it on my mind for days since I did. I think I will check into that primer. But wish I didn’t know. Drat!

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