M:PT Week 3

When I was looking back on three weeks of Mission: Put Together, it felt as if I had A LOT of clothes. I’ve managed to put together fundamentally different outfits for three weeks straight, though with some repetition of cardigans and shoes.

Here’s the thing, though. My closet is the breadbox of closets. It’s only as wide as a standard interior door. And though it’s got two rods to hang clothes from, it’s only as deep as a hanger. It’s full but not stuffed to the gills. I have a dresser that holds t-shirts, pants and workout clothes and a small set of wicker drawers that holds socks and lingerie, and the coats hang on a rack in the hallway. That’s pretty much it.

Before living in our current house, I couldn’t imagine my life without a walk-in closet. I’ve lived in two places that had closets that were big enough to comfortably sleep two people in. And maybe a few dogs. All that space basically meant I just schlepped a lot of clothes that never got worn from place to place on every move I made.

Now only items that I absolutely love get a spot in my closet. The rest end up in the donation pile. And I don’t get to buy a lot of shoes or purses, which is probably for the best.

Last week was texture week, so I took care of texture with some ruffles, a sweater with a cut-out pattern on the sleeves (that don’t show up in the photo), textured cowboy boots, a funky kind of embroidering and some ribbing. Not a bad week, and it made me discover what may now be my favorite outfit (Friday’s red and yellow and black ensemble).

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2 Responses to M:PT Week 3

  1. sizzle says:

    My coworker is wearing that yellow stripped sweater right now. 🙂

    I love the wrap dress with the boots!

  2. The Tutugirl says:

    I love that dress!

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