Table setting

I’ve been trying to brainstorm about some more things to blog about — things outside of the ‘this is what is happening to me at this moment’ and ‘that post is going to take three hours to cobble together’ varieties. And I don’t know why it took six months for me to think of this, but the most obvious thing in the world for me to share some of my favorite home design porn. With my new job I spend countless hours every week poring over home design photography to both decide what’s going to be featured in HGTV apps and to keep up with what’s going on in home design trends.

As I write this, I’m sitting at the dining room table as the Modern Love Machine grades papers and grooves to a Pandora station. That seems like a great place to start. Whether they reside in a dining room, kitchen room, living room or elsewhere, dining tables are often the heart of a home, or at the very least some vital organ. Our dining room table is where the MLM and I eat, work, play games and share conversation. It was our first grown-up purchase. It’s beautiful when it’s cleared off or set for dinner, but it looks loved when it’s as messy as it is at the moment. It feels like home.

As much as I love our own table setup, I have no problem dreaming about other places to gather. I would park my butt at any one of these tables for hours.

1. Top left: Steve & Stacy’s Vintage-Inspired DIY Modern Apartment, Apartment Therapy
2. Top right: Leah’s Sunny Swedish Hideaway, Apartment Therapy
3. Bottom left: Jason and Michael’s Contemporary Farm House, Apartment Therapy
4. Bottom right: Aaron and Wendy’s Mid Century in Mayfair, Apartment Therapy

There’s one thing missing from the above collage: a round or square table. Our dining room table is square, and I absolutely love that about it. Everyone can see each other. Everyone is a part of the conversation. There’s plenty of room for food to be placed in the center, family style.

5. Mara Murphy of Dutch Door Press via Design Sponge
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2 Responses to Table setting

  1. A.B.Monk says:

    I love pictures 2 and 3. And I really love round tables for how they promote conversation. My dad has this great wrought iron and glass round table in his basement that I”m going to beg from him when I have a dining room. Unless my sister gets to it first.

  2. sizzle says:

    I love those turquoise chairs!

    We have a rounded rectangle (that’s a weird way to describe it). It has a leaf so we can fit more but mostly we have 4 seats around it. I like it but need to get some new chairs and to probably add some sort of centerpiece.

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