MG note: I started writing this about a week ago, and finished it a few days ago

Each year, I choose a word rather than a resolution to guide my actions. Sizzle calls them intentions, and I like that so I hope she doesn’t mind that I’m going to borrow that.

I had a particular word in my mind up until writing this post. It didn’t quite represent the sentiment I was seeking, but it seemed good enough. But as I started to write this post, with my mind on the grieving that’s marked the first few days of 2013 and the adventure that’s on tap for me, another word popped in my head. I have always been open to signs from the universe, and I am absolutely certain this is the right word for 2012.

embrace it by pinwheeldesigns on etsy

I’ve been planning for some time to make giving more of myself to others my intention for 2013. I have spent so much time in the past decade trying to take care of myself that I’ve often neglected my relationships with others and the responsibility I feel I have to serve others. I am ready to change that. It may mean regular volunteering, handwritten notes and phone calls to friends, inviting more people over for dinner or just a better vocalization of my feelings and support for others. In short, I want to embrace others more — be it figuratively ore literally.

Sitting down to write this, I’ve got my cousin’s death fresh on my mind. I’ve also been in the throes of preparing to travel to India. How’s that for a start to 2013? Grief punctuated by adventure. Actually, I think that’s the perfect illustration to how ’embrace’ is taking on an even greater meaning for me this year. Not only do I want to embrace others more fully, I also want to embrace the craziness and unexpected side of life more.

I’m a little bit of a control freak. Ok, I’m a total control freak. So when my plans get upended — like when I end up needing to travel to Indiana for a funeral instead of packing for India — I want to be able to roll with the changes better and fully embrace life as it’s happening around me. India should be a good lesson in that, as it can be intense and frustrating in addition to being beautiful and thrilling.

So here’s to embracing it all in 2013: my family and friends, strangers, those less fortunate than I, shortcomings and the messiness of it all.

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  1. sizzle says:

    I don’t mind one bit!

    I like your intention for this year.

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