Programming notes

So I wanted to take a quick time out to ask a question and mull the direction of The Modern Gal. I am totally of the mind that when you blog, you must primarily do it for yourself or you will quickly lose interest or get frustrated. However, I’m also somewhat of the mind that a blog without comment conversations or at least some interest from readers is really just a journal. I love journals, but I prefer the MG to be slightly more than a journal if people really are reading it.

My current problem is that I have so many ideas of what I’d like to write about that I can’t decide how to narrow them down into a manageable list of blog posts — obviously a good problem to have. I cannot write them all because my life as it is now does not allow for daily blogging. I’d prefer to be living the stories rather than spending all my time retelling them. I would love to share more about one interest/hobbies or another interest/hobby or all of them, BUT if you’re not interested in reading about them, well, I see no reason to do it.

So, if you read the MG ever, which clearly you do, then I’m interested in your input. I may not do what you tell me, but I will keep your suggestions in the back of my mind. You may express your suggestions by voting in this poll or spelling them out with a comment. For a better idea of what I’d be writing about, read the explanations BELOW the poll FIRST. Oh yeah, you can vote for as many as you’d like because democracy is awesome!

And thank YOU for being a friend (sung to the tune of the Golden Girls’ theme song) of the Modern Gal!

And when I say …

Food, I mean tips on how to get into cooking in the first place, how to cook for one or two people and how to get better at it. I would share some recipes and food photography porn, but not a whole lot.

Home Decor, I mean sharing my favorite home decor photo porn with a sampling of our own adventures in home repair.

Travel, I mean sharing more photos from my own travels as well as tips on how to become a smarter traveler and how to do things that occasionally scare you.

Movies/Books/TV, I mean sharing my opinions and reviews. I should note that I tend to focus my life’s efforts into one of the three at a time, and my focus tends to shift to a different category every year or two.

Did I just manage to say porn twice in one post? Oops, I did it again. Hooray, SEO!

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6 Responses to Programming notes

  1. A.B.Monk says:

    Honestly, I love all of those ideas. I think you should write about whatever you feel like writing about on a particular day.

  2. Lola A. says:

    I’m with A.B. Monk. I love that the blog is a catch-all for all the awesome randomness that is your (my) life. But I’ll still keeping reading, no matter what you decide. I’m having the same problem you are, actually. So many ideas and half drafts written and not enough time between full-time work, part-time school and the general living of life. Sometimes, I write tons in a week. Then I go weeks without writing. When you figure out a solution, I would be interested in it…

  3. Not sure my vote helped as I voted for them all, ha! But I know what you mean about feeling you’re all over the place sometimes–I hate feeling like I HAVE to write about all travel, all the time…so quite simply, I don’t. I’ll mix it up with a home post or personal post to keep it fun for me (and interesting for readers).

    I love whatever you write, so my vote is do what you love and what makes you happy!

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