How to cook: an introduction

Thanks to all of y’all who voted in my little exploratory poll from the other week. I really do appreciate getting a sense of what y’all are interested in reading about. I’m especially excited that there were a lot of votes for food, since I probably spend more of my waking hours thinking about food than any of those other topics combined. Plus, I’ve had ambitions of recounting my journey from someone who didn’t particularly like (or know how) to cook to someone who smugly appreciates when someone calls her a foodie.

Bacon-topped meatloaf by The Modern Gal
the meatloaf referenced in this post, in progress

I know quite a few of my Modern Friends are well acquainted with how to cook well, so maybe it’s an exercise in futility. I still occasionally have a conversation with someone who confesses to not know how to cook or claims to not enjoy it. Now I know not everyone will enjoy cooking, but “not enjoying it” is often just a code word for not knowing how to do it correctly without getting overly frustrated as was the case for me for several years.

Which is why I want to chronicle the journey of my love affair with food — specifically food not cooked by a professional chef (with perhaps the occasional exception). Some of it will come in the form of how-to posts, while other posts will just be a word vomit of thoughts about cooking. And because food is such a mutual enjoyment of the Modern Love Machine and mine, maybe just maybe the MLM will feel compelled to write or at least comment on the blog (because he does lurk here). I cannot promise the fabulous photography that other food writers are so good at because my “good” camera is slow and fussy, but I will do my best to make good use of the fantastic natural lighting in our kitchen. Or I will use my iPhone because it’s easier.

I’m going to create a page in my table of contents bar where all the posts can be easily found for all of posterity to enjoy. If you have any specific topics you’d like me to cover, lemme know in a comment or by e-mail at themoderngal(at)gmail(dot)com. Otherwise, thanks again for being a friend.

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  1. what?!?! no amazingly edited and perfect photography?!? C-ya!


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