Saturday sounds

I used to be really, really awful at discovering new music, but the internet, Spotify and Sirius radio have made me less of a music n00b. There are some decent tunes out there right now, which is good because my playlist can only be stuck in the ’80s for so long before it starts looking a little dated. What, it’s looked dated for about 20 years, you say? I’m not buying that.

Y’all have heard Macklemore’s Thrift Shop by now, right? It’s just the sort of absurdity I love in my hip hop music. Well now I present to you, a literal MS Paint interpretation of Thrift Shop. There’s only one thing to say: This is f*cking awesome.** (Ok, two things to say … if you are unfamiliar with Thrift Shop, please note the lyrics/artwork are a touch profane.)

The Modern Love Machine’s big Christmas gift to me was a pair of apple green Beats by Dre. They’re beautiful with luxurious sound and they do a GREAT job of blocking out the jibber jabber that comes with working in an “open concept” office space. I’ve been building a Spotify playlist to go with those Beats at the office, which I now present to you. It’s mostly new stuff with a little bit of sentimental old stuff and is a little on the mellow side since I need to be able to think in complete sentences while listening. The songs are in no particular order other than the order in which I added them, so I recommend listening on shuffle if you have Spotify.*** And if you are reading this post through a blog reader, you’re going to have to click through to actually see the playlist.

Happy (mellow) Saturday!

**Shout outs to the Modern Love Machine and Gizmodo for finding this one.
***Shout outs to some of my Tweeps who suggested a few songs when my playlist needed lengthening. And I stole a couple of entries from Dooce’s new tunes posts, because she’s had some good ones lately.

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