Flashback Friday: Boston

With all of the crazy developments in Boston in the past 12 hours, now is the time more than ever to keep yourself from getting too hooked on trying to keep up with them all. Like I said before, the news will still be there at the end of the day, and hopefully it will be clearer and better developed by then. And you will be saner.

For my friends in Boston, you’re in my mind. I hope for your sake you get some semblance of normalcy soon.

For what I hope is a pleasant distraction, here’s a Flashback Friday playlist dedicated to Boston. I have never been to Boston — though it is high on my to-do list — so I cannot claim the city as my own. And while I cannot even begin to like your sports teams, Boston, you’ve done a damn fine job of turning out music and musicians. My playlist is not meant to be a comprehensive collection of good Boston music and musicians, but in the spirit of my Flashback Friday posts, it’s just a list of songs about Boston, by musicians from Boston or beloved by Bostonians that I enjoy. The actual songs are not meant as any sort of commentary on what’s happening. Their selection is informed by what I like and what’s available on Spotify.

Everyone take care of yourselves.

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