‘Tis still the season

So it’s Jan. 11, and the Christmas tree is still up.


Christmas Tree

I like to think that opting to go to the gym on weeknights and visiting my best friend in South Carolina are totally legitimate defenses to why it’s still up. Plus, I’ve at least got the ornaments off. And I have an accomplice in the matter.

Maybe tomorrow.

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3 Responses to ‘Tis still the season

  1. katelin says:

    I just took down Christmas on Sunday, I don’t see any problem with still having your tree up, ha.

  2. cmmoxley says:

    Is it still up? Ha!

    • Nope! We actually managed to drop it off at Ijams on the very last day of the Christmas season according to the church calendar. I feel like that’s still inside the window of what’s acceptable!

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