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‘Tis still the season

So it’s Jan. 11, and the Christmas tree is still up. Whoops. I like to think that opting to go to the gym on weeknights and visiting my best friend in South Carolina are totally legitimate defenses to why it’s … Continue reading

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Us vs. Them

I am completely embarrassed and humiliated to admit that the previously shared mouse story has become a full-blown Situation. Embarrassed because it’s easy to assume the presence of mice is caused by a dirty, cluttered and disgusting home, or that … Continue reading

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I absolutely love this time of year. I love the sense of a new beginning, even a calendar-driven one. I love how the current starkness and coldness of nature provides an metaphorical clean slate for the resolutions that we make … Continue reading

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The creatures were stirring

Another month or two has gone by, and I haven’t written a single post. I miss writing here so much but am hamstrung by my brain when it comes to actually doing it. Every idea I have in my head … Continue reading

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Rockin the ‘Tober and KEEN Digital Summit

Sooooo, where was I? Actually, I have no idea. Let’s start here: Today is the first day of October. That means it’s also the first day of Rocktober, which is a way better monthly nickname than Austerity August (which wasn’t … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: The step in my groove

Because the radio stations in Knoxville are, on the average, terrible and because I spend 40-50 minutes a weekday commuting now, I splurge on Sirius radio. I love a wide range of music, but having cut my teeth on music … Continue reading

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Austerity August

Money … … amirite? An anniversary, two birthdays, a reworked knee (and physical therapy’d) knee or a culinary tour of New York could all find ways to wreak havoc on a budget. Combine them all together, and, well, the past … Continue reading

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DIY rustic industrial kitchen shelf

Several people have asked me if working at HGTV has somehow magically transformed my home into a showpiece. The answer is hell no. Even though I know exactly how I would design every inch of my home, I still have … Continue reading

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NYC, the Gastrotour

The Modern Love Machine and I pledged to keep our summer travel a little smaller than the 11-day trips we’ve been in the habit of taking every summer with the idea that we might save a little more money to … Continue reading

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30 + 1

I somewhat quietly turned 31 a week ago. Dinner and drinks out with friends the night before, and brunch and a soul food dinner on the day of, and that was that. The Modern Love Machine bought me the camera … Continue reading

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