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Rocktoberfest! blogroll

Roctoberfest is a monthlong celebration aimed at knocking the socks off of October and preventing it from kicking our asses like September (Sucktember) did. Sure, bad things may happen this month, but we’re going to do as much as we … Continue reading

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Arts and crafts time

I found these cute envelopes on Etsy through a link on Budget Ecoist. They’re cute but it got me to thinking that envelopes made should be especially easy to make from magazine pages or covers. So, since I had the … Continue reading

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A work of word art

Jenn first introduced me to Wordle a few weeks ago, but it’s taken me this long to get it to work on my computer. I think I ended up playing with my Wordle for 30 minutes, trying different fonts and … Continue reading

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Some love for Saturday

I’m finally getting into the kind of Saturday routines that I like: get up early, laze my way through my morning coffee and newspaper and then run errands. Fun errands like hitting the Farmer’s Market and shopping, because shopping is … Continue reading

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Blogrolling, artsy style

What do Denny’s, a wigshop, free food and a dude selling pornographic comments and tarot readings all have in common? They all converged on Friday night for a Knoxville blogger meeting at the city’s First Friday event. First Friday is … Continue reading

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Swooning over Moo

While cruising the list of this year’s Webby Award winners, I discovered, a really cool website that allows you to design your own cards and stickers and have them printed. You can use your own photos or photos provided … Continue reading

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Big Boi does ballet

Two Modern Gal facts:1. OutKast is my all-time favorite hip-hop/rap act. Period.2. My bff growing up was dedicated to ballet and very much got me interested in it. Therefore, how awesome is this: I’m thinking roadtrip to the ATL

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Why so sad, salisbury steak?

If you love food AND crocheting (and really, who doesn’t?), you’ll love Nicole Gastonguay’s art, which was featured in this morning’s Hungry Girl newsletter. Her works are soooo cute, in a way that makes me not want to eat the … Continue reading

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