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Flashback Friday: The Kentucky Blues

I didn’t intend for Flashback Friday to become a weekly thing, but it’s a fun, easy post. Today I have an actual story about my former life from four years ago — the last week of March 2009 to be … Continue reading

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What I’ve been up to for the past decade

Every year some research firm ranks 200 kinds of jobs from best to worst, and being a reporter is usually within 15 spots of the bottom, ranked among low-paying industrial jobs and garbage collectors. The stress is high, the pay … Continue reading

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Merry Leap Day

Four years ago, back in the days when I posted to this blog not once but twice daily (those were the days), I decided to do 29 new things on Feb. 29. Rereading that post is like looking at a … Continue reading

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And that’s a good thing

Thanks, everyone, for humoring me on that last post. I’m really excited to read your blogs (and tweets), and it kind of helped feed my urge to blog even more. (And thanks to the non-lurkers who said hi anyway.) I … Continue reading

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Some programming notes

Several Modern Friends have alerted me to things you should all be aware of, so let me pass them on to you: 1. Our boy Paul Rudd is going to be on Letterman tonight. Be there, or be square and … Continue reading

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Losing my allegiance

I know a few Modern Friends whose teams got unceremoniously booted from the tournament last night. I also know a few whose teams are still in. I was sorta pulling for my hometown team after the two teams I follow … Continue reading

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To win it all

On the way out of the neighborhood the other day, I passed a car sporting Pittsburgh Steelers flags and magnets. For a half a second, I had the thought ‘Why are you still flying those? The season ended two months … Continue reading

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Live texting the game

For my love of sports I can blame my parents. Both of them are die-hard baseball, football and basketball fans and without the blessing of any other children, all their fandom got concentrated within me. This afternoon a team that … Continue reading

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Your daily March Madness harassment

I promise I’ll do a real post or two today, but just as one last reminder …. Please e-mail me at if you want to participate in the The Modern Gal’s Blogtastic March Madness pool so I can send … Continue reading

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Eating your way through St. Paddy’s Day (and March Madness news)

I’d meant to post this earlier, and it may be a little late to be useful, but you can file it away for next year. has a whole guide to St. Patrick’s Day food and drink: corned beef recipes, … Continue reading

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