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The dream of the 90s

Portland was on my to-do list for about six or seven years. It wasn’t quite the it city yet, or maybe it was and I wasn’t aware. For me it was more of a case of it being near water … Continue reading

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A literal literary finish line

I was just revisiting my Life List, and I realize that I’ve checked off quite a few items on it this year. Part of that was to be expected. I typed out the list this year, so several things were … Continue reading

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No losers on this blog

You guys, resolutions — they work better than I was giving them credit for these past few years. Or at least they’ve worked really well for me for the first 12 days of the year. I have done so many … Continue reading

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Want something done? Ask a busy person who isn’t me

So many things have happened in my personal life in the past few weeks in addition to the usual busy work season pain-in-the-assedness that I don’t even feel bad about taking a leave of absence from the blog for, um, … Continue reading

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And that’s a good thing

Thanks, everyone, for humoring me on that last post. I’m really excited to read your blogs (and tweets), and it kind of helped feed my urge to blog even more. (And thanks to the non-lurkers who said hi anyway.) I … Continue reading

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Pop culture, circa 2010ish

I spent some time writing this post about a month ago but hadn’t quite finished it when life stepped on my foot. Now that I’m caught up on things, I figured a month late is as good a time to … Continue reading

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Stay: The lady behind the book

Have you gotten your copy of Stay yet? No??? Here’s the Amazon link. I’ll STAY here and wait until you take care of that. … Now that you’ve taken care of that, Allie did me the huge favor of answering … Continue reading

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Stay: Four paws up

So this post is way, way, way overdo, but I didn’t want to sit down and write it until I had legitimate time and brain power to give it the focus it deserved. You may have read on some other … Continue reading

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We must, we must, we must …

I just spent way too much time on Mental Floss’s quizzes, so I’m sharing them with you so you can waste time too! The latest is a Judy Blume quiz. I did ok, but missed all the “Starring Sally J. … Continue reading

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Capilene love

Today I post at The Greenists, where I talk about my new love for all things Capilene by Patagonia. And speaking of The Greenists, the original mastermind of the site, Allie Larkin, is an amazing writer and dedicated dog lover … Continue reading

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