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Old Dad

I’ve taken to calling the 61-year-old Modern Dad “Old Dad” because of his near constant remarks on our trip about being too old to ski the way he used to. He just can’t ski as fast, and he just can’t … Continue reading

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What goes around comes all the way back around … because that’s how science works

My friend KG, who is my pop culture twin, shared this very important public service announcement with me, and I think it’s too important not to pass along. Somewhere there are children dying, probably. Please, Justin. Make new music.

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Allowing myself to be celebrated, or my Gladys Knight weekend

I’m going to go ahead and acknowledge that the posting around here will be light for the next two months. As much as I want to document this time in my life, I’m probably going to be a little too … Continue reading

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Ke$ha, a new TV and a food hangover

I had a snarky post planned for yesterday about how I was thankful for a comfy couch and Crystal Light lemonade to nurse my food hangover — yes, food hangover and it was miserable — but I’m feeling just so … Continue reading

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A friendly PSA from the Modern Love Machine

The Modern Love Machine has asked to share something … Question: What do all of the following people have in common, besides the fact that they are all awesome? Answer: Moustaches! Much to The Modern Gal’s dismay,** I am growing … Continue reading

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Paul Rudd’s amateur days

I haven’t seen Dinner for Schmucks yet, but I have seen this latest discovery into Paul Rudd’s on-camera history. Paul Rudd: Bat Mitzvah DJ from Jewish Forward on Vimeo. Why oh why was this not MY Bat Mitzvah? (The simple … Continue reading

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RIP, Single Ladies

I am now officially declaring the Single Ladies fad dead and deceased because of the super skeevy video I’ve posted below of some 7-year-old dancers slutting it up to our favorite Beyonce song. Single Ladies has had a great life, … Continue reading

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RIP, Dixie Carter

I’ve totally neglected to properly mourn the passing of Dixie Carter, a native of my home state and alumna of my alma mater. She did many things in her life, but my favorite (and I’m sure many others’ favorite too) … Continue reading

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Aunt Martha moves her hips

Aunt Martha tries pole dancing as an exercise activity. Warning: watching this feels, I don’t know, WRONG.

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Everybody turns 50 … sometimes

Um, holy crap, Michael Stipe is 50 today? Yeah, that’s weird. I had no idea he was about the same age as Michael Jackson (were he still alive and may he rest in peace) and Madonna. Pop Candy honors him … Continue reading

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