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Cookie Monster and the origin of ‘Om nom nom’

My main man on Sesame Street may have indeed been the originator of the oft-used ‘om nom nom’ phrase. Come to think of it, he may have had a role in the origins of LOL speak too. Me can has … Continue reading

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Trip down Michigan Memory Avenue

I got to Chicago early yesterday morning, with the plan of just spending some time wandering around the city while waiting for friends to get off work. Because it had been soooo long since I’d really gotten down and dirty … Continue reading

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In which I let my nerd flag fly

So even though I’ve been too busy to post here lately, I was not too busy to do a guest post today for one of my favorite blogs, The Park Bench, a gathering place for nerdy women and nerdy men … Continue reading

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1992 called and said ‘Wasn’t TV better back then?’

I love that three different friends sent me the link to the clip of Zack Morris on Jimmy Fallon yesterday. I don’t think I’ve ever talked about it much, but yes, I was a huuuuuuuge SBTB fan back in the … Continue reading

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Wedding crashers

As we all know, when you make plans in life, life often has other plans for you. Such was the case for me this weekend. I had been planning for weeks — well really years, I guess — to travel … Continue reading

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I’ve got your picture

So while I’m going through Purgeathon 2009, my mother has been doing her own home purging in preparation for a bunch of visitors in town this weekend for my uncle’s wedding. And despite the fact that I’ll be the only … Continue reading

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Really, I am with the band

I have had a super hard time getting back into the blogging routine after vacation. Isn’t that how it always is? You need a vacation to recover from your vacation, and I’ve certainly acted like I was still on vacation … Continue reading

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Better than a boob job

Barbie turns 50 and decides to get inked. Yes, that’s right. There’s a Totally Stylin’ Tattoos Barbie. She comes with her own tattoo gun. I haven’t searched around the internets much, but I’m sure this is causing all kinds of … Continue reading

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This is how we rolled

Man, The Modern Gal is looking a little pale lately. All words, no pictures or videos makes for a very boring-looking blog. Let’s fix that, shall we? (Don’t watch if you’re offended by potty-mouth language) Why do I bring up … Continue reading

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The making of Barbie

Sorry for the lack of posting in the past two days. After a spectacularly craptastic week at work (don’t worry, I’m fine) and 10 hours of overtime over a three-day period, I’ve needed a bit of a mental break. I … Continue reading

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