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Flashback Friday: The Kentucky Blues

I didn’t intend for Flashback Friday to become a weekly thing, but it’s a fun, easy post. Today I have an actual story about my former life from four years ago — the last week of March 2009 to be … Continue reading

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Living the f*ck out of fall

If you even half pay attention to sports, you know football in its various forms is in full swing now, which means if I were still at my old sportswriting job, I’d be more than a month into that part … Continue reading

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What I’m doing now

Today marked the start of my third week working for Scripps Networks Interactive, the company behind HGTV, Food Network, Travel Channel, DIY Network, Great American Country and the Cooking Channel. When I informed my former coworkers what company I was … Continue reading

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I turned in my company-issued Blackberry yesterday, which means I’m down to my one and only iPhone. For about four years, I’ve double-fisted phones in an effort to keep work and life separate and not give up my personal number … Continue reading

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What I’ve been up to for the past decade

Every year some research firm ranks 200 kinds of jobs from best to worst, and being a reporter is usually within 15 spots of the bottom, ranked among low-paying industrial jobs and garbage collectors. The stress is high, the pay … Continue reading

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I have news

The Modern Love Machine and I went over to our friends’ house to help celebrate a birthday this past weekend, and while driving over there we plotted how we’d share the news with our friends. The revealing went down as … Continue reading

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Back to school

A few times a year I’m invited to speak to classes at the local university about my career. When the first invitation of the school year came, I was inclined to decline as it seemed disingenuous to speak about my … Continue reading

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Two days and counting

A week ago I was so effing incredibly excited about the wedding. The Modern Love Machine and I found out our friend who is about 50 percent responsible for us meeting and also in the Navy and living in Sicily … Continue reading

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When I grow up

Editor’s note: Co-workers who read this blog (and I know you’re out there), please know I don’t want to this to get around. I don’t want our employer to think I’m not grateful to have a job or that I’m … Continue reading

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And that’s a good thing

Thanks, everyone, for humoring me on that last post. I’m really excited to read your blogs (and tweets), and it kind of helped feed my urge to blog even more. (And thanks to the non-lurkers who said hi anyway.) I … Continue reading

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