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The Modern Wedding: On knowing yourself

Editor’s note: All images are courtesy of the incredibly talented Jessica and Sarah at Cocoa Blue. They are amazing, they’re based in Montana but travel the world and they come highly recommended by me. As we looked into the mirror … Continue reading

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M:PT Weeks 4 and 4 1/2

But first, some modern theater. Context: The Modern Love Machine is a high-school math teacher. He is also a morning person. When school’s in session, he’s rolling out the door about the time I wake up, which prevents scheduling issues … Continue reading

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My day of win

The following three things happened to me yesterday: 1. A book I put a hold on at the library became available. Not a huge deal, but it’s always nice — especially when you just finish up something else you were … Continue reading

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M:PT Week 3

When I was looking back on three weeks of Mission: Put Together, it felt as if I had A LOT of clothes. I’ve managed to put together fundamentally different outfits for three weeks straight, though with some repetition of cardigans … Continue reading

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M:PT Week 2

I don’t have a lot to say about last week’s edition of Mission: Put Together. I felt better about my hair after getting it cut, my face cleared up and I’ve been going extra hard at my triathlon training, so … Continue reading

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M:PT Week 1

The thing I found in the first week of Mission: Put Together is that I’m really self-conscious about the way I look right now. Self-conscious is not an adjective I’d usually use to describe myself, so it’s caught me by … Continue reading

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Mission: Put Together, game on

Before I left Nashville in 2007 I was reporting on the Tennessee legislature for a living, which meant I spent my days around men and women in suits. Though I only wore a suit once in a blue moon, I … Continue reading

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Ode to the cold

For the past few days the temperature here in East Tennessee has gotten no higher than about 43 degrees, which is heaven to me. I’ve lived in the South my entire life, only to find myself less and less tolerant … Continue reading

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Want something done? Ask a busy person who isn’t me

So many things have happened in my personal life in the past few weeks in addition to the usual busy work season pain-in-the-assedness that I don’t even feel bad about taking a leave of absence from the blog for, um, … Continue reading

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NYC vs. Black, stretchy yoga pants

So, I’m (almost) back from NYC. Just a two-hour layover and 45-minute flight more (a layover should never be longer than the subsequent flight). And y’all, as much as I love New York and any other big city where my … Continue reading

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