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NYC, the Gastrotour

The Modern Love Machine and I pledged to keep our summer travel a little smaller than the 11-day trips we’ve been in the habit of taking every summer with the idea that we might save a little more money to … Continue reading

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Chop suey

Today is one of those days where I’m sort of stuck in the vague zone of melancholy — not so depressed I can’t actually function but still lacking the motivation to do much besides stare into space. Work feels monotonous, … Continue reading

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NOLA, in pictures

It’s been a month — a month! — since I was in New Orleans. Good heavens, where in 2013 going? That means I’m more than a month behind on blog post ideas. So here goes nothing on trying to get … Continue reading

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Tackling one tree and banana oat bar at a time

My word of the year is embrace, as in, embrace the craziness that life launches at me. It’s almost funny just how much craziness the Universe has dealt me so far this year — high highs and low lows and … Continue reading

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How to cook: an introduction

Thanks to all of y’all who voted in my little exploratory poll from the other week. I really do appreciate getting a sense of what y’all are interested in reading about. I’m especially excited that there were a lot of … Continue reading

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The dream of the 90s

Portland was on my to-do list for about six or seven years. It wasn’t quite the it city yet, or maybe it was and I wasn’t aware. For me it was more of a case of it being near water … Continue reading

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Election Day pizza

As a political reporter, Election Day night meant either stuffing my face with pizza with butt parked in front of my computer in the newsroom, waiting for results to come in, or shoving McDonald’s in my mouth quickly before heading … Continue reading

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Baby, we can eat all night

The Modern Love Machine put together an amazing, hearty meatloaf for dinner tonight, a dish inspired by the November issue of the Food Network Magazine. I sank my tastebuds into the ground turkey/chopped spinach/sun-dried tomato concoction topped with bacon and … Continue reading

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Peach pie and Pandora pain

I am trying so hard to get back into blogging. I have so many things to say** and so many stories to tell. I just haven’t had the urge to sit down and actually type it all out. I guess … Continue reading

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Weekend warrior

As evidenced in my last post, I was already aware how a change in jobs would require me making certain adjustments. What I did not expect was not being able to handle a normal, Saturday+Sunday weekend. Oh, I know now. … Continue reading

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