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Beating the system

The Modern Love Machine and I received a number of generous Target gift cards as wedding gifts, for which we are grateful. I was content to use them as needed for our routine Target trips, but the MLM decided they … Continue reading

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Ke$ha, a new TV and a food hangover

I had a snarky post planned for yesterday about how I was thankful for a comfy couch and Crystal Light lemonade to nurse my food hangover — yes, food hangover and it was miserable — but I’m feeling just so … Continue reading

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Good customer service isn’t always an oxymoron

I like to spread the word about good customer service. I swear, good customer service is becoming a paradox in this day and age, and the companies that still bother with it should be rewarded and their names should be … Continue reading

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Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle

A couple people asked me what kind of bike I ended up getting, so I figured I’d just answer en masse: A KHS Flite 220 road bike in the color of ‘blue steel’ (I kid you not, but I didn’t … Continue reading

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The $20 iPhone

Let me make this very clear: I absolutely hate Apple. I hate it for the control it has over all of us. I hate that its products are so beautiful and smart and good. I hate that it is constantly … Continue reading

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The teeny, tiny, talking iPod

Does anyone remember the SNL commercial spoof of the teeny tiny cell phone back in the pre-smartphone day when the cell phone trend was to go smaller and smaller? I can neither find it online nor remember who was in … Continue reading

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Super Mario Hunt

This is kind of awesome. Now if they could only work the World Class Track Meet with Power Pad into this somehow.

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Back in business

I heard something recently about a report that found that happy people are able to focus on the big picture of life while unhappy people are plagued by tunnel vision. Boy, don’t I know it. For the past three months … Continue reading

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The Modern Gal’s Black Friday

Well, The Modern Mom and I did our Black Friday shopping today. I didn’t buy a lot, a couple of gifts and one REALLY BIG THING for myself: Yes, that’s right my friends. After mulling over it for a few … Continue reading

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Out with a bang

I nearly had a little Rocktoberfest slip up with some crazy things happening this week, but since today is my day off I’m leaving Rocktoberfest with a bang. I am resuming my mission to find jeans today. I didn’t make … Continue reading

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