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And the winner is …

Thanks to everyone who entered my Lean Pockets giveaway! Y’all are some crazy animals. I also apologize for the tardiness in the drawing. I was nothing if not extremely productive this weekend doing a major purgathon and reorganization of stuff … Continue reading

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A new giveaway for a new year!

I’m going all Oprah on you’re rear ends and hosting a super-cool giveaway here at The Modern Gal. Wait, is that something Oprah does? I’ve never really watched Oprah, so I can’t be 100 percent sure). The thing is, you’ve … Continue reading

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Free chocolate

It’s been an emotional week at The Modern Gal’s place of employment, which I’ll get into later. But still, imagine my delight when I saw an e-mail pop into The MG’s inbox earlier today announcing ‘free Godiva chocolate.’ Umm .. … Continue reading

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Coffee mug winners!

Ok, I waited until this morning to do the drawing for the Starbucks coffee mugs. Only 10 entries? Man, I guess I’m not the only one who doesn’t want any more mugs in their cabinet. Anyway, I entered 1 through … Continue reading

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The Modern Mom returns

Don’t forget to enter the Starbucks mug giveaway. If you’re lucky and you win, your mug might just come with a special surprise. And as an inauguration special, I won’t even require you to tell me a joke in the … Continue reading

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Thanks from The MG and Neko Case

I’d say National Delurking Week was a success here at The Modern Gal. I had no idea there were so many lurkers around here … but I’m glad you took the time to say hi, and I’m glad to have … Continue reading

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Have a mug on The Modern Gal

I’m a little late in getting to this, but I’ve got two fabulous Starbucks coffee mugs to give away to two of my wonderful Modern Friends as a thank you for reading The Modern Gal. Ok, that’s slightly false pretenses … Continue reading

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Lisha Lynn giveaway results

I really enjoyed reading everyone’s makeup horror stories. It sounds like many people had some misguided experimentation coupled with public humiliation. I put everyone’s names into a list on (Heto got two entries for commenting and blogging about the … Continue reading

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Enter the Lisha Lynn giveaway before it’s too late

Holy giveaways, Batman! I’ve been so busy for the past few days I nearly forgot the Lisha Lynn gift certificate giveaway. I’m going to give it one more day before I close entries since I forgot to remind everyone to … Continue reading

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Get excited about giveaways

Tis better to give than receive, right? Well if that’s the case, Jamie Lovely is doing it right. She’s having an awesome holiday giveaway, chock full of cool items from several of the websites she features at her shopping blog, … Continue reading

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