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I absolutely love this time of year. I love the sense of a new beginning, even a calendar-driven one. I love how the current starkness and coldness of nature provides an metaphorical clean slate for the resolutions that we make … Continue reading

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Austerity August

Money … … amirite? An anniversary, two birthdays, a reworked knee (and physical therapy’d) knee or a culinary tour of New York could all find ways to wreak havoc on a budget. Combine them all together, and, well, the past … Continue reading

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Tackling one tree and banana oat bar at a time

My word of the year is embrace, as in, embrace the craziness that life launches at me. It’s almost funny just how much craziness the Universe has dealt me so far this year — high highs and low lows and … Continue reading

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When things like yesterday’s bombings in Boston or the shootings in Newtown happen, I go to this weird place of emotional detachment and just observe everything that’s happening around me. That’s not to say I don’t hurt for the people … Continue reading

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A week in the life of an exhausted adult-like person

Because I don’t have time to break down each of these bits into separate, thoughtful posts, some stream-of-consciousness: Monday night, the Modern Love Machine and I joined a few of my co-workers for my boss’s Passover seder, which surprisingly was … Continue reading

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Two steps forward … or not at all

As a sportswriter, I often had to write about athletes getting injured and their recoveries. Injuries to the legs, knees, ankles and feet usually were the worst, because of their significance in everyday movement (at least for those of us … Continue reading

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I’ve mentioned this before, but perhaps the biggest adjustment in switching from a nights-and-weekends work schedule to a Monday-thru-Friday, 9-to-5 schedule has been learning how to properly pace myself. Now that I’m actually available at the same hours that my … Continue reading

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Getting the Boulder Rolling Again

The Modern Love Machine warned me after I wrapped up triathlon training two months ago not to rest too long on my laurels. ‘You don’t want to have to start that boulder rolling again from a dead stop,’ he said. … Continue reading

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Bona fide

My fear in advance of my first Olympic triathlon was never that I wouldn’t finish. I would find a way to will myself to that finish line. My fear was that I still would be in over my head. Like … Continue reading

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Redefining hard and impossible

The big, bad triathlon I’ve been training for for the past 12 weeks is upon me. Tomorrow I pick up the race packet. Friday I rest. Saturday I race. Training has been both rewarding and disarming. I have done things … Continue reading

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