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Push it

I did something so out of character for me this morning. I got up at 5 a.m. in order to make a triathlon training session. There previously were only two things that could get me out of bed so far … Continue reading

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Don’t tri so hard

Oh, hello again weekend. It seems like you were just here. I’d say that is a good thing, but it really means I’ve discovered a new level of busy at my new job. Which I suppose IS a good thing. … Continue reading

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Beyond surviving

Every time I really start getting into my triathlon training, I mean really get into it, I get this sort of athlete’s high that makes me think, ‘I love triathlons with my whole heart! I should try a little harder … Continue reading

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M:PT Week 1

The thing I found in the first week of Mission: Put Together is that I’m really self-conscious about the way I look right now. Self-conscious is not an adjective I’d usually use to describe myself, so it’s caught me by … Continue reading

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I’m training for a Memorial Day sprint triathlon. Assuming all goes well, this would be my fourth tri, so I feel like I should be an old hand at this. ‘Should’ is the operative word here. I’m mostly running this … Continue reading

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No losers on this blog

You guys, resolutions — they work better than I was giving them credit for these past few years. Or at least they’ve worked really well for me for the first 12 days of the year. I have done so many … Continue reading

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North Stars

Man, posting resolution lists seems like The Thing to do this week. I almost feel silly posting one of my own, but at the same time the public accountability and proof of my goals has always been helpful. I haven’t … Continue reading

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An antidote for the hurt

Here I am, emerging from another long radio silence. I haven’t blogged not for lack of things to talk about but because all the posts I considered writing seemed superficial to what’s really been on my mind of late. Today … Continue reading

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Want something done? Ask a busy person who isn’t me

So many things have happened in my personal life in the past few weeks in addition to the usual busy work season pain-in-the-assedness that I don’t even feel bad about taking a leave of absence from the blog for, um, … Continue reading

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Slower Sunday

I woke up this morning with a consuming migraine. I’ve had enough of them in my life that I usually know exactly what triggers them for me. None of my typical triggers made sense this morning, so my only guess … Continue reading

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