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All about carbon

If NPR science correspondent Robert Krulwich had been my high school chemistry teacher, I might have actually understood organic chemistry. Krulwich and cartoonist OddTodd have posted their easy-to-understand, very watchable and at times humorous five-part series in honor of Earth … Continue reading

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A new word for a new year

It’s been 17 days since I last blogged, and I needed every bit of the unplanned vacation I took from social media. It was nice to step back and not check Twitter, Facebook or my blog reader obsessively for two … Continue reading

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A Christmas-themed staycation

Thanks for all the comments on that last post, both supporting and contrary. That post came off a little grinchy, so I’m going to stick to photos of Christmas cheer today. I’ve sneakily taken this week as a staycation week. … Continue reading

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Ke$ha, a new TV and a food hangover

I had a snarky post planned for yesterday about how I was thankful for a comfy couch and Crystal Light lemonade to nurse my food hangover — yes, food hangover and it was miserable — but I’m feeling just so … Continue reading

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Getting started early, just in case

Here’s a little secret … when the first holiday commercial popped on TV a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t complain about it being obscenely early for Christmas commercials like I usually would. I was happy to see it. I’m … Continue reading

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A Halloween cheese and whine party

Sorry for the cryptic post earlier this week. I’m just in one of those super-stressful periods at work. (Do they ever end?) I can’t unload about work to my officemates because I have none, I can’t unload about work on … Continue reading

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Am I old enough to stop having them?

Tommorow is my 28th birthday. I know you probably won’t believe me when I say this, but I honestly kept forgetting that my birthday was on deck until two days or so, and even then I haven’t given it a … Continue reading

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Why some people are getting New Year’s gifts from me

Alternately titled: Some financial tips from The Modern Gal Have you ever found yourself sitting in the chair of a hairstylist you’ve never met before and halfway through a full color/cut/style event when you both remembered that you no longer … Continue reading

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Modern Christmas carols

It’s been crazy trying to get ready for Christmas while working regular shifts at work (here’s a hint: do not EVER under ANY circumstances spend the two weeks before Christmas week traveling … trust me on this: it’s a BAD … Continue reading

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Guerrilla handbell attack

Both the red kettle campaign and this video make me happy. I used to do work for the Salvation Army back in Nashville and think it’s a tremendously worthy organization, so I will encourage everyone to be kind to the … Continue reading

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