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30 + 1

I somewhat quietly turned 31 a week ago. Dinner and drinks out with friends the night before, and brunch and a soul food dinner on the day of, and that was that. The Modern Love Machine bought me the camera … Continue reading

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Chop suey

Today is one of those days where I’m sort of stuck in the vague zone of melancholy — not so depressed I can’t actually function but still lacking the motivation to do much besides stare into space. Work feels monotonous, … Continue reading

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Tackling one tree and banana oat bar at a time

My word of the year is embrace, as in, embrace the craziness that life launches at me. It’s almost funny just how much craziness the Universe has dealt me so far this year — high highs and low lows and … Continue reading

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Treading water

The results are in, and the Modern Love Machine didn’t just tear an ACL. He tore the ACL and both meniscuses (meniscii?) in his right knee, which means four weeks of physical therapy, surgery and crutches ’til sometime in June. … Continue reading

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A week in the life of an exhausted adult-like person

Because I don’t have time to break down each of these bits into separate, thoughtful posts, some stream-of-consciousness: Monday night, the Modern Love Machine and I joined a few of my co-workers for my boss’s Passover seder, which surprisingly was … Continue reading

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Modern friendship

Jigsha is the first friend who I claimed as my own after moving back to Knoxville and ultimately breaking up with my then-boyfriend of five years. Crappy work schedules as they are, I had little opportunity to develop friendships with … Continue reading

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MG note: I started writing this about a week ago, and finished it a few days ago Each year, I choose a word rather than a resolution to guide my actions. Sizzle calls them intentions, and I like that so … Continue reading

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Why we have to make each day matter

I was ready to write about my intentions for how I would take control of my new year, but today came with the big fat reminder that life is not totally in my hands. My cousin Sam passed away this … Continue reading

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Living the f*ck out of fall

If you even half pay attention to sports, you know football in its various forms is in full swing now, which means if I were still at my old sportswriting job, I’d be more than a month into that part … Continue reading

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A 30th birthday gift to myself

So my 12-day vacation from the blog turned into twice that. Whoops. It’s so easy to get out of the habit of blogging, especially when so much is going on offline. In the days since I last blogged, I spent … Continue reading

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