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And now for a word from the Modern Love Machine

The Modern Love Machine asked one day if he was allowed to blog here at The Modern Gal, and I said, ‘Of course! I’d be thrilled if you wrote regularly at the MG.’ And then he claimed he had no … Continue reading

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In which I let my nerd flag fly

So even though I’ve been too busy to post here lately, I was not too busy to do a guest post today for one of my favorite blogs, The Park Bench, a gathering place for nerdy women and nerdy men … Continue reading

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Guest post: Always a bridesmaid…and other wedding shenanigans

Note from The MG: Modern Angie is one of my best sources of information here at The Modern Gal. She is an expert in many fields, first and foremost the field of being a bridesmaid and has a guest post … Continue reading

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A primer on Big Ten/Pac-10 relations

Modern Friends, in the world of college football there are some big rivalries: Alabama v. Auburn, Florida v. Georgia, Tennessee v. Alabama. Even though we Southerners don’t readily acknowledge football outside the Mason-Dixon line, there is a bit of a … Continue reading

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A story about underwear

This guest post brought to you by Allie at Allie’s Answers. When I wrote the Better By 40 guest post for The Modern Gal a few months ago, I hinted to an incident involving underwear and my thirtieth birthday. Manager … Continue reading

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Tools for going green

This guest post brought to you from The Nerdy One at Embracing my Nerdiness. Hello Modern Gals (and guys) I thought that I would try and help The Modern Gal relax on her mini-vacation and doing a little blogging in … Continue reading

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Better by 40

Friends, I’ve had plenty to share with you for the past two days but absolutely no energy or brain power with which to share. Modern (and green) Allie has stepped up to the plate to share her new campaign, which … Continue reading

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What to wear to see Sex and the City

My dear friend Modern Angie E. is nothing if not the most fashionable person I know AND she’s already seen Sex and the City the movie. So I asked her to provide the modern gals out there with some ideas … Continue reading

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The Modern Gal’s triumphant (and stiflingly hot) return

I initially was unsure about relinquishing control of The Modern Gal. I’m a bit of a control freak and was worried about how she would manage out there with others in the big scarry blogworld. But it was a goal … Continue reading

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Please come to Boston

From Modern Heidi at Legally Heidi: Hey Modern Readers, I’m Modern Heidi from Life in Pink filling in for Modern Gal on this happy Friday. By the time you all read this, I’ll probably be out and about in the … Continue reading

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