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Us vs. Them

I am completely embarrassed and humiliated to admit that the previously shared mouse story has become a full-blown Situation. Embarrassed because it’s easy to assume the presence of mice is caused by a dirty, cluttered and disgusting home, or that … Continue reading

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I absolutely love this time of year. I love the sense of a new beginning, even a calendar-driven one. I love how the current starkness and coldness of nature provides an metaphorical clean slate for the resolutions that we make … Continue reading

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Treading water

The results are in, and the Modern Love Machine didn’t just tear an ACL. He tore the ACL and both meniscuses (meniscii?) in his right knee, which means four weeks of physical therapy, surgery and crutches ’til sometime in June. … Continue reading

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Two steps forward … or not at all

As a sportswriter, I often had to write about athletes getting injured and their recoveries. Injuries to the legs, knees, ankles and feet usually were the worst, because of their significance in everyday movement (at least for those of us … Continue reading

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Experiencing India

MG note: I have much to say about my trip to India, and I’m doing it with one extremely long post today and two more (shorter) posts in the near future. Collect ’em all. It’s been three weeks since I’ve … Continue reading

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I’ve mentioned this before, but perhaps the biggest adjustment in switching from a nights-and-weekends work schedule to a Monday-thru-Friday, 9-to-5 schedule has been learning how to properly pace myself. Now that I’m actually available at the same hours that my … Continue reading

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Everything in my life has felt off-kilter since a bit before Thanksgiving, so while everyone was spreading tidings of thankfulness and joy I really wasn’t feeling it. I did have a nice Thanksgiving for the most part, and I am … Continue reading

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A literal literary finish line

I was just revisiting my Life List, and I realize that I’ve checked off quite a few items on it this year. Part of that was to be expected. I typed out the list this year, so several things were … Continue reading

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Getting the Boulder Rolling Again

The Modern Love Machine warned me after I wrapped up triathlon training two months ago not to rest too long on my laurels. ‘You don’t want to have to start that boulder rolling again from a dead stop,’ he said. … Continue reading

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The Modern Wedding: One year later

Editor’s note: All images are courtesy of the incredibly talented Jessica and Sarah at Cocoa Blue. They are amazing, they’re based in Montana but travel the world and they come highly recommended by me. The Modern Love Machine and I … Continue reading

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