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Push it

I did something so out of character for me this morning. I got up at 5 a.m. in order to make a triathlon training session. There previously were only two things that could get me out of bed so far … Continue reading

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M:PT Weeks 4 and 4 1/2

But first, some modern theater. Context: The Modern Love Machine is a high-school math teacher. He is also a morning person. When school’s in session, he’s rolling out the door about the time I wake up, which prevents scheduling issues … Continue reading

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My day of win

The following three things happened to me yesterday: 1. A book I put a hold on at the library became available. Not a huge deal, but it’s always nice — especially when you just finish up something else you were … Continue reading

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The mystery of grace

Source: via The Modern Gal on Pinterest  I’ve fallen in love with both the concept of grace and the word itself. The first time I thought about the concept of grace outside of the context of a pre-meal prayer … Continue reading

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The $80 Screwup

The Modern Love Machine and I happened into a couple of well-timed but unrelated financial windfalls this month (quitting a job sure can pay well! buying a new car does wonders for your tax return!) And because my new job … Continue reading

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I turned in my company-issued Blackberry yesterday, which means I’m down to my one and only iPhone. For about four years, I’ve double-fisted phones in an effort to keep work and life separate and not give up my personal number … Continue reading

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What I’ve been up to for the past decade

Every year some research firm ranks 200 kinds of jobs from best to worst, and being a reporter is usually within 15 spots of the bottom, ranked among low-paying industrial jobs and garbage collectors. The stress is high, the pay … Continue reading

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Merry Leap Day

Four years ago, back in the days when I posted to this blog not once but twice daily (those were the days), I decided to do 29 new things on Feb. 29. Rereading that post is like looking at a … Continue reading

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Bush league

You know those days where you wake up and you just feel off? You’re tired despite having gotten enough sleep. You spill your coffee. You look in your closet and see nothing you want to wear. You struggle to adequately … Continue reading

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How karma caught the perp

So I forgot to mention this, but the cops actually caught the guy who broke into the Modern Love Machine’s car. Color me shocked when we found out. The MLM and our neighbor were summoned to appear in court this … Continue reading

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