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Us vs. Them

I am completely embarrassed and humiliated to admit that the previously shared mouse story has become a full-blown Situation. Embarrassed because it’s easy to assume the presence of mice is caused by a dirty, cluttered and disgusting home, or that … Continue reading

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The creatures were stirring

Another month or two has gone by, and I haven’t written a single post. I miss writing here so much but am hamstrung by my brain when it comes to actually doing it. Every idea I have in my head … Continue reading

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I read the following thought here, and I thought it was too brilliant not to pass along. Habitually successful people appear to have vast reserves of motivation, but it’s more likely that what they have is momentum. They have pushed … Continue reading

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I turned in my company-issued Blackberry yesterday, which means I’m down to my one and only iPhone. For about four years, I’ve double-fisted phones in an effort to keep work and life separate and not give up my personal number … Continue reading

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Merry Leap Day

Four years ago, back in the days when I posted to this blog not once but twice daily (those were the days), I decided to do 29 new things on Feb. 29. Rereading that post is like looking at a … Continue reading

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There was more than one turtle present at the birth of Jesus

I successfully completed my pre-Christmas staycation this afternoon. I’ve seen two movies since I last posted, got a pedicure and baked some Christmas treats. Doggie Christmas treats, that is. You can find the super-simple recipe here (shout out to Noodles … Continue reading

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A Christmas-themed staycation

Thanks for all the comments on that last post, both supporting and contrary. That post came off a little grinchy, so I’m going to stick to photos of Christmas cheer today. I’ve sneakily taken this week as a staycation week. … Continue reading

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Mr. Wigglebottom, I presume

It’s Saturday. You need something adorable in your life. Allow me to introduce you to Mr. Hamilton Wesley Wigglebottom. He’s a 6-month-old French Bulldog. He’s not mine, but I wish he was. Something tells me Lucydog and Pennypup would be … Continue reading

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I see a red room and I want it painted grey

What happens when The Modern Gal has to work intermittently all weekend and therefore becomes fairly antisocial? This: Exciting, no? The hundred-year-old house that the Modern Love Machine and I bought a few months ago is blessed/cursed with dark-wood trim … Continue reading

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Paul Rudd’s amateur days

I haven’t seen Dinner for Schmucks yet, but I have seen this latest discovery into Paul Rudd’s on-camera history. Paul Rudd: Bat Mitzvah DJ from Jewish Forward on Vimeo. Why oh why was this not MY Bat Mitzvah? (The simple … Continue reading

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