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Programming notes

So I wanted to take a quick time out to ask a question and mull the direction of The Modern Gal. I am totally of the mind that when you blog, you must primarily do it for yourself or you … Continue reading

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How do you roll?

Well hello there. It’s been, what, 13 days since I last posted? Um, whoops? Yeah, the second bit of my busy season came to full blows these past few weeks. I’ve spent far more time sleeping in hotels than my … Continue reading

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How much is too much?

Jamie had a post earlier today talking about what annoys her with others’ blogging. It hit on something I’ve been thinking about asking all of you lately, and that’s frequency of blog posts. Most fellow bloggers I know post when … Continue reading

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DST, the aftermath and a winnah!

I’ve been ridiculously groggy for the past couple of days. I thought it was because of my insane work schedule, but judging by everyone’s posts from the last few days I think we’re all feeling the effects of DST: Daylight … Continue reading

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Wocka, wocka, wocka

There was a very low turnout for the Modern Gal’s stupidly simple poll of the week. Maybe y’all thought it was so stupid it was beneath you? I do enjoy that one person out of five picked “no” to the … Continue reading

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The Modern Gal comedy club

Ok, I’m heading out of town for the bff’s bachelorette party extravaganza. I spent 15 hours yesterday at work for the privilege of going out of town (hence the lack of posts), so I intend to fully enjoy the weekend … Continue reading

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And finally, a new poll

Y’all have had plenty of time to digest the old poll: 71 percent of you were super happy with the results of the Super Bowl. Ok, new poll. What’s your favorite way to spend Feb. 14? Vote in the poll … Continue reading

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From The Modern Gal inbox: The rules of Facebook friending

From The Modern Gal’s inbox: Dear Modern Gal:I need your help with this deep question. With everyone’s best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend on Facebook, when is it NOT creepy/stalkerish to friend someone you’ve been on a few dates with? … Continue reading

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Quarterback eye candy and a poll

Now that the college season is over, the NFL playoffs have the Modern Gal’s full attention and this weekend’s divisional games did not disappoint. Below is a photo gallery of everyone’s favorite quarterbacks, bringing me to this week’s poll as … Continue reading

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Declare your allegiance

I’ve managed to cripple two computers in one week. The first, which won’t charge its battery when plugged in, is being attended to by a someone better versed in computer repair than I. The second, which has a nearly full … Continue reading

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