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NOLA, in pictures

It’s been a month — a month! — since I was in New Orleans. Good heavens, where in 2013 going? That means I’m more than a month behind on blog post ideas. So here goes nothing on trying to get … Continue reading

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A week in the life of an exhausted adult-like person

Because I don’t have time to break down each of these bits into separate, thoughtful posts, some stream-of-consciousness: Monday night, the Modern Love Machine and I joined a few of my co-workers for my boss’s Passover seder, which surprisingly was … Continue reading

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The mystery of grace

Source: via The Modern Gal on Pinterest  I’ve fallen in love with both the concept of grace and the word itself. The first time I thought about the concept of grace outside of the context of a pre-meal prayer … Continue reading

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Faithful in little things

I read the following excerpt from Mother Teresa’s No Greater Love as part of a devotional the other night and thought it perfect for my quietude-themed weekend. I hope you find her thoughts as lovely as I do, even if … Continue reading

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A broken window and a stronger back

Thanks for all your nice comments on the last post. They’re what I love about blogging — you can feel like crap, write about it and there’s always someone reaching out to you to make you feel better. I wish … Continue reading

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Can I say gay after the rapture is over?

About two weeks ago before everyone was all, ‘Blah, blah, rapture this’ and ‘yadda, yadda, end of the world that,’ the Modern Love Machine turned to me and in all seriousness asked if I thought the world was going to … Continue reading

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My heart does not exult

I dropped off the grid for a week because of crazy weather, crazy days at work and a crazy trip to Washington D.C. Instead of reflecting upon all that, I feel compelled to reflect on the news of the day … Continue reading

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The evolution of a blog and a person

This post from No Pasa Nada prompted me to think about The Modern Gal’s evolution. No, that’s not true. I think about the MG’s evolution a lot, that blog post is prompting me to write about it. When I started … Continue reading

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We’re not going to take it

I’m really digging all the solidarity that’s been shown lately for LGBT kids and adults. I’ve never been very vocal about my own support for my LGBT friends. I’ve made the mistake of viewing gay rights as a political issue, … Continue reading

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What to do about peace, love and understanding?

I haven’t posted in almost a week because I’ve been struggling with a few ideas of what to write. I’ve had a lot of really, really heavy thoughts on my brain lately that have been consuming me. I’ve tried several … Continue reading

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