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My day of win

The following three things happened to me yesterday: 1. A book I put a hold on at the library became available. Not a huge deal, but it’s always nice — especially when you just finish up something else you were … Continue reading

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The $80 Screwup

The Modern Love Machine and I happened into a couple of well-timed but unrelated financial windfalls this month (quitting a job sure can pay well! buying a new car does wonders for your tax return!) And because my new job … Continue reading

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An ode to some shoes

Everyone has a pair shoes that they’ve worn them to the point of falling apart. I’ve had a few of them but none more beloved than my knockoff skater shoes. knockoff skater shoes from target, circa 1998? the shoelaces are … Continue reading

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Beating the system

The Modern Love Machine and I received a number of generous Target gift cards as wedding gifts, for which we are grateful. I was content to use them as needed for our routine Target trips, but the MLM decided they … Continue reading

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Allowing myself to be celebrated, or my Gladys Knight weekend

I’m going to go ahead and acknowledge that the posting around here will be light for the next two months. As much as I want to document this time in my life, I’m probably going to be a little too … Continue reading

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The evolution of a blog and a person

This post from No Pasa Nada prompted me to think about The Modern Gal’s evolution. No, that’s not true. I think about the MG’s evolution a lot, that blog post is prompting me to write about it. When I started … Continue reading

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For the social media nerd in your life

My friend Erica at Live & Kern likes to add a new ornament to her Christmas tree each year that reflects her past year. This year she got a new social-media related job and made some nifty social media ornaments … Continue reading

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I love New York (but I’m not going this weekend)

If you read a lot of lady blogs, you’ll probably pick up on the fact that the annual BlogHer conference is this weekend in New York. Thanks to an unfortunate combination of being back on a seven-day-a-week work schedule and … Continue reading

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Kroger fail

The Modern Love Machine, who, as a teacher is off work for the summer, has done most of our grocery shopping and cooking since we moved into the new house, God bless him. While at work today, I received this … Continue reading

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Good customer service isn’t always an oxymoron

I like to spread the word about good customer service. I swear, good customer service is becoming a paradox in this day and age, and the companies that still bother with it should be rewarded and their names should be … Continue reading

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