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Get psyched about a new musical mission

A good weekend (which I may or may not tell you about … I can’t decide) and a good message at Mass on Sunday night made me ready to put the whole moping thing behind me, at least for now. … Continue reading

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Pregnancy: be aware

I’m sure my officemate didn’t know what to think today when I nearly fell out of my chair from laughing so hard at an e-mail I received urging me to celebrate May as ‘Pregnancy Awareness Month.’ ‘Ok,’ I said to … Continue reading

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Eating your way through St. Paddy’s Day (and March Madness news)

I’d meant to post this earlier, and it may be a little late to be useful, but you can file it away for next year. has a whole guide to St. Patrick’s Day food and drink: corned beef recipes, … Continue reading

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A blogtastic March Madness

For the second year running, I’ve been elected … nay, blackmailed into being my office’s March Madness Bracket Commissioner. I don’t know how I get so lucky. Anyway, while out last night with Mickey and Courtney catching a show, or … Continue reading

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This is how we rolled

Man, The Modern Gal is looking a little pale lately. All words, no pictures or videos makes for a very boring-looking blog. Let’s fix that, shall we? (Don’t watch if you’re offended by potty-mouth language) Why do I bring up … Continue reading

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A hypothetical V-Day

I’ve done my best not to think about Valentine’s Day, but thanks to the riptide of e-mails I’ve gotten from assorted retail chains promoting their Valentine’s Day specials for, oh, I don’t know, the PAST MONTH, it’s been kind of … Continue reading

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Do you have a dream?

Martin Luther King had a dream that the nation would live out the true meaning of “all men are created equal.” On this, the sorta-80th anniversary of his birth, The Modern Gal wants to know what your dream is. My … Continue reading

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A NEW musical mission

Ok, so I’m taking off soon to spend the weekend with a couple of my best gal pals in the whole wide world for some much-needed decompression. I fully intend not to blog this weekend, but I have a project … Continue reading

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Time for some resolve

I’m not going to lie, 2008 was a hell of a year and not in the best way. That’s why I’m probably a little more excited than usual for the New Year to be here. I know really the turn … Continue reading

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I’ll be there for yooouu

So I had one other request on this post from a while back from the oh-so-ubiquitous anonymous wanting to talk about how to make friends after college. It’s a topic that’s come up here before, because it certainly isn’t easy … Continue reading

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