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If I could turn back time

I think I started consuming vast quantities of music videos during middle school. Not coincidentally, it was around that time that I really, really, really wanted to be a music video director when I grew up. I remember my mind … Continue reading

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All about carbon

If NPR science correspondent Robert Krulwich had been my high school chemistry teacher, I might have actually understood organic chemistry. Krulwich and cartoonist OddTodd have posted their easy-to-understand, very watchable and at times humorous five-part series in honor of Earth … Continue reading

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In the middle of the desert in the center of the sky

I was going to do a serious post today until Pop Candy got me reminiscing about Sesame Street with her Pop Five list today — the list being one of her reader’s five favorite Sesame Street animated sketches. I clearly … Continue reading

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Paul Rudd’s amateur days

I haven’t seen Dinner for Schmucks yet, but I have seen this latest discovery into Paul Rudd’s on-camera history. Paul Rudd: Bat Mitzvah DJ from Jewish Forward on Vimeo. Why oh why was this not MY Bat Mitzvah? (The simple … Continue reading

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The best day of Adrien Brody’s life

I will now take a break from personal posts to present the following to amuse you on a Monday morning. The two are not related, save their inherent weirdness. And now this:

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CYOB: Time to get spooky!

This post is part of NPW’s Choose Your Own Blogventure, Spooktacular edition! If you got here from Definitely RA, keep reading. If not, visit NPW for the beginning and hopefully you’ll get here eventually. (Eds note: If you read this … Continue reading

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Happy, happy, joy, joy

Modern Friends, I am happy today and I want you to be happy too. So here you go … Real Simple has a list of 10 ways to make your life happier. I’m not usually a fan of these kind … Continue reading

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There’s a lot of useful information out there

Do you ever get amused by some of the stupid questions/answers on Yahoo! Answers? (C’mon, we’ve all at one point or another gone searching on Yahoo! Answers for the answer to our own stupid question that we hope someone else … Continue reading

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’80s music thrown way back

Ok, 1. I love ’80s music. 2. I love watching a guy play an instrument well. Well hello, Scott Bradlee doing his ragtime interpretation of songs from the ’80s: His hands. Seriously. There’s even a Rickroll in there.

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Nom nom nom your way to wasting time

It’s been a while since we’ve had a time waster. Let’s change that, shall we? I’m going to assume you’re all familiar with those silly LOLcats at I Can Has Cheezburger (whose LOLspeak is responsible for the many ridiculous words, … Continue reading

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