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Leaving my heart

I’ve been really awful at actually writing about the fun things I’ve done this year, several of which had me crossing off items on my Life List. What good is a Life List if you don’t blogbrag about crossing things … Continue reading

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On the road again

So I *said* I was going to be recounting things that happened at the Modern Wedding this past week, but vacation has greatly interrupted that plan. I’ll get back to it sometime next week, perhaps. In the mean time, you … Continue reading

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My blue sky, my sunny day

I’ve had two good sleeps since returning home Saturday at 3 a.m., so I’m feeling much more like a human again. I promised photos, and I’m here to actually deliver. I first skied as a 3-year-old, and I’ve never looked … Continue reading

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Establishing residency at Denver Int’l Airport

So while I was bitching about my day last Friday, what I wasn’t telling you was that I was also distracted by the fact that I was leaving for a week on the ski slopes about 36 hours later. It’s … Continue reading

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There was more than one turtle present at the birth of Jesus

I successfully completed my pre-Christmas staycation this afternoon. I’ve seen two movies since I last posted, got a pedicure and baked some Christmas treats. Doggie Christmas treats, that is. You can find the super-simple recipe here (shout out to Noodles … Continue reading

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Baby, can I drive your car?

I told myself maybe four years ago that I would allow myself to buy a new car in 2011. I put a crapload of miles on my Mazda in the first couple of years of owning it thanks to work-related … Continue reading

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An ode to some shoes

Everyone has a pair shoes that they’ve worn them to the point of falling apart. I’ve had a few of them but none more beloved than my knockoff skater shoes. knockoff skater shoes from target, circa 1998? the shoelaces are … Continue reading

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I read several books about marriage before our wedding, so I don’t remember which one this comes from, but one suggestion I came across was to regularly try new things with your partner to keep your marriage exciting. It didn’t … Continue reading

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I swear I still have some posts in me about the Modtrimony and Modern Honeymoon. I’m waiting on getting my photos from both in order as I think I’ve at least got my thoughts organized. Until then, a photo on … Continue reading

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30-minute flight

Last weekend I spent a fast two days in Chicago and got to visit with three lovely ladies, all of whom managed to motivate me in their own way to get back to doing the things that I love and … Continue reading

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