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Living the f*ck out of fall

If you even half pay attention to sports, you know football in its various forms is in full swing now, which means if I were still at my old sportswriting job, I’d be more than a month into that part … Continue reading

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Ode to the cold

For the past few days the temperature here in East Tennessee has gotten no higher than about 43 degrees, which is heaven to me. I’ve lived in the South my entire life, only to find myself less and less tolerant … Continue reading

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Requiem for a summer

This weekend was my last weekend off until late October and therefore the unofficial end to summer for me. As I type this, I’m sitting on an adirondack chair that was a wedding gift that I’ve been unable to enjoy … Continue reading

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I read several books about marriage before our wedding, so I don’t remember which one this comes from, but one suggestion I came across was to regularly try new things with your partner to keep your marriage exciting. It didn’t … Continue reading

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Come to my window

I love snow, but I’m not sure I envy any of you who are stuck dealing with the current snowmaggedon. We’ve had beyond our usual share of snow in the mountains of Tennessee, but we got spared in this latest … Continue reading

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Natural disasters can be funny. Except that they’re not.

Oh my goodness, modern friends, I am emotionally tapped out. So many major things have been going on — both good and bad — that to say I’ve been stressed out lately is kind of an understatement. Who knew that … Continue reading

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Introducing the Modern Love Machine

A month and a half ago, the Modern Fella and I were watching our beloved Tennessee Titans get raped in the snow by the New England Patriots (final score: 59-0). The Titans’ (now former) punter, Reggie Hodges, shanked a punt … Continue reading

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Snow, football, The MF and a bet

Well, hello there. Busy season has gotten super-crazy-hit-me-over-the-head busy, so it’s been kind of hard to do anything of the blogging nature. I did want to stop in and tell you all I’m alive and haven’t cracked under the pressure … Continue reading

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Snow day

Unfortunately, this is all we got: That is the only item of clothing Lucydog owns, and only because she shakes like a chihuahua when it’s cold and snowy.

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He tripped

I’m neither a fan of the New England Patriots nor NFL TV commentators, but I am in full support of both in the following moment: Seriously, there should be a snow angel exception to the excessive celebration rule. In fact, … Continue reading

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