Life List

A to-do list for my life …

Write and publish a novel
Write a movie script
Write magazine articles
Leave my journalism job (Done, 4/1/12)
Own my own business
Support the Modern Love Machine as he opens his own bar or restaurant
Find my name in the encyclopedia
Completely redesign The Modern Gal
Author a website with CSS
Take another photography course and pay attention this time
Return to volunteering
Make a charitable donation large enough that writing the check makes me uncomfortable
Learn to speak German
Visit every U.S. state (37 of 50 down)
See a home game for every MLB team (15 of 30 down)
Eat in Italy
Cruise down the Rhine
See the Great Wall of China
Meditate outside the Taj Mahal (done, 1/14/13)
Eat a pastry in Paris
Get lost in Ireland (done, 6/26/11)
Ski in the Alps
Gracefully tackle Highline at Vail
Hike LeConte and spend the night in the lodge
Hike a Colorado Fourteener or two
Return to Mountain Sky ranch
Leave my heart in San Francisco (done, 1989, 1993, 2009, 2012)
Drink in Portland (Done, 6/23/12)
Have coffee in Seattle (Done, 6/28/12)
Watch the Kentucky Derby from the stands with hat, sundress and mint julep
Spend a night at Blackberry Farm
See New York at Christmas
Drive U.S. 1 from start to finish
Drive U.S. 101 from start to finish
See Mount Kilimanjaro
Take the City of New Orleans to New Orleans
Complete the Wild Cave Tour at Mammoth Cave (Done, 2005)
See the Grand Canyon
Eat at Sukiyabashi Jiro
Eat at French Laundry and Bouchon
Visit places of literary and cinematic importance when possible
Run a 5k (Done, 10/11/08)
Run a 10k
Complete a triathlon (Done, 8/8/09)
Complete an Olympic length triathlon (Done, 8/25/2010)
Do some sort of formal athletic training (Done, 2012)
Attend a yoga or spa weekend getaway
Return to my Weight Watchers goal and maintain
Write a color guard routine
Cross-country ski
Take the paddle boats at work for a spin
Go on a backpacking trip that lasts more than two nights.
Own my own home (Done, 2/20/07 and 4/1/10)
Complete a family photo display
Remodel something in our home
Buy a one-of-a-kind painting (Done, 9/29/12)
Turn the master bedroom into a beautiful space
Have our home featured on an Apartment Therapy home tour
Live outside Tennessee
Perfect my own signature dish
Roast a turkey (Done, 11/18/11)
Host a largish dinner party
Join a regular supper club
Organize my recipes
Organize my photos
Feel satisfied with the state of the front flower beds
Plant another tree
Start a vegetable garden
Keep a hydrangea plant alive long enough that it’s taking care of itself
Buy (and use) a bus pass
Watch every Academy Award Best Picture winner
See a Broadway musical on Broadway (done 2000, 2009)
Take another film studies class
Join/host a book club (done 11/13/2012)
Compete on a game show
Knit something more complicated than a scarf
Learn how to confidently use my sewing machine
Sew a dress from scratch
Write a handwritten note to loved ones once a week for a year
Hear James Taylor sing “Fire and Rain” live (done, 2004)
Hear Eric Clapton sing “Layla” live (done, 2001)
Hear Duran Duran sing “Ordinary World” live (done, 8/17/2012)
See Neil Diamond in concert
Drink at a Jimmy Buffett concert (done, 2004, 2009)
Meet Darius Rucker and his wife, Beth

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