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Rockin the ‘Tober and KEEN Digital Summit

Sooooo, where was I? Actually, I have no idea. Let’s start here: Today is the first day of October. That means it’s also the first day of Rocktober, which is a way better monthly nickname than Austerity August (which wasn’t … Continue reading

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A literal literary finish line

I was just revisiting my Life List, and I realize that I’ve checked off quite a few items on it this year. Part of that was to be expected. I typed out the list this year, so several things were … Continue reading

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Mission: Put Together, game on

Before I left Nashville in 2007 I was reporting on the Tennessee legislature for a living, which meant I spent my days around men and women in suits. Though I only wore a suit once in a blue moon, I … Continue reading

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Instant karma

I’m not going to keep whining about how frustrating life has been because I know no one wants to hear about it. Heck, I don’t want to hear about it anymore. Instead I’m in the mood to direct some positive … Continue reading

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Modern Gal Musical Mission 2011

I’m one of those people for whom songs are tightly associated with a memory or a specific period in my life — perhaps everyone is one of those people? The theme of the song usually has nothing to do with … Continue reading

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Let’s do this

It’s been a while since I’ve called for any sort of delurking here. I’m going to go ahead and ask for those of you lurking to consider delurking here on this post with the following explanation. If you read The … Continue reading

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Feeling shiny

When people have asked me how things are going with the Modern Love Machine lately, I have found myself saying, ‘Things are great. Our relationship is still shiny.” And here we are six months after our first date, give or … Continue reading

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Green your Halloween

I’ve got a few posts brewing in my head, but I worked pretty much all weekend, so I’m just now getting caught up on life again. In the mean time, check out a post I did yesterday for The Greenists … Continue reading

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Come and get it

Modern Shannon at The Porch Swing has put together a collection of Rocktoberfest badges you can snag for your blog to spread the Rocktober vibe throughout the blogosphere. Feel free to grab the one in the corner, or go check … Continue reading

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A Rocktoberfest primer

Once upon a time, in a year not so far away … ok, last year … a bunch of bloggers in the blogosphere were having a really sucky September. Sucktember, if you will. In an effort to flip a metaphorical … Continue reading

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